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Address: 001.East Mayan Industrial
Area.Pingxiang County,Hebei
Phone: +86-15603196702
Fax: +86-319-7882698
Postal Code: 054500
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 Idea: the pursuit of high mark, high quality, create their own brands, rely on quality, rely on the credibility of survival.
Objective: to build their own brands; sustainable development; expand into electric vehicle, Childs vehicles, spare parts and the folding vehicle market.
Path: the implementation of industrial, product structural adjustment, optimize capital structure, seek new profit point of growth; accelerate the development of marketable products, increase promotion strength; and expand the sales network, expand market share; the innovation management, to attract talent; rigorous assessment, improve efficiency.
Investment and project: the production of 800000 bicycle technical transformation projects, the use of the existing land. 54600000 yuan investment, the introduction of advanced production lines 2. To create high quality products, create their own brands, occupy more market.
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