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Business philosophy: people-oriented, law look forward to, with quality-level, continuous innovation.

People-oriented. Person is the first element in productivity, he is the main body of the enterprise, also is the core of enterprise management. Long-Group from" construction to education " concept of talent to" ' this ' is a school, it is a warm home" cultural connotation, put people on the first position in enterprise management, closely around put one's heart and soul into service employees and put one's heart and soul into employees rely on the thought, carry out cultural construction. Efforts to build a kind of internal vitality, with a strong cohesion, foreign won the trust of users, won the supported by all the atmosphere of a kind of culture.

Rule of enterprises, emphasizes the long-Group standardization construction of seriousness. The standard is the" law", the enterprise of all activities in the standard framework. " Standard boss, general manager Dick, standard equality", this is the long-Group standardization construction consistent criteria. The chairman thought, to "rule of law" instead of " rule of man", can be overcome by the individual will, emotion, thought, analysis of bias error caused by the fluctuation of business development, the establishment of a scientific, reasonable standard of management of enterprises, standardize the behavior of employees, which is conducive to ensure long-term, stable development of enterprise.

Quality level. Quality is the life of enterprise, product representative character. We do not consider how to cope with and overcome rivals, but focus on product quality from the overall lead all competitors. Because we believe in the market economy, there is always competition, only good at management, enhance the technological content of products is the key to leading the market. Long group always adhere to the " to the community to provide quality" the quality policy, to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development, and constantly increase the technological transformation and new product R & D investment, as the quality of corporate survival, the cornerstone of development and key.

Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, is the enterprise development vitality, which in a first embodiment long-Group employee idea innovation. Company breakthrough in the consciousness, breaking the transfer idea and consciousness, to build their own brand names. The specific embodiment for the institutional innovation, mechanism innovation, management innovation. Companies in innovation development, expand oneself, realize the benefits of scale, the construction enterprises become more competitive enterprises.

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