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26 years of professional production experience

Hebei qiangjiu Bicycle Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise group in the production of bicycle parts. Group under the six subsidiary companies. The main production qiangjiu, Phoenix, Oh Kay, permanent sign bicycle saddle, pedal, crank shaft, flywheel and other accessories, a total of six series of nearly a hundred varieties. I Group production of the products have been more than a dozen OEMs and tricycle factory support, and by the Shanghai Phoenix Bicycle Company for supporting units, joint production of the 2002 Shanghai qiangjiu Oh Kay Bicycle Parts Co., Ltd. (OK) Oh Kay licensing saddles. 2002 "qiangjiu" trademark was rated as a famous brand of Hebei Province.>>More details

The whole of the country's most advanced and parts inspection center

Have a fatigue testing machine, wheel precision axial load test, impact test machine, spring tension and pressure test machine and other advanced testing equipment, ensure the quality of the products.>>More details

Product quality and cheap

Products for six consecutive years won the "provincial quality products" title, and by the Shanghai Phoenix, Shanghai Oh Kay and so on more than 20 national vehicle positioning supporting manufacturers. Export sales doubled every year. Products have been sold to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and so on more than 40 countries and regions. >>More details
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